How to compare each row of the outlook mail?



Hi There,

Here i could not get a way to read each line of the mail bod.

i mean in my case there may be lots of lines in mail body for
S_BR 23 missed files
S_US 3 missed files
WM_CN 5 missed files

like this, now i have to get each no element present in the each row of above lines one by one as well as first string element to compare that code with excel.

i dont know how to do that, please can any one help me on my way,

Vighnaraj c s somayaji

string body = mail.Body; 
String[] lines = Split(body.Trim, Environment.NewLine)

For each line in lines
String[] data = Split(line," ")
strExcelCode = data(0).ToString
strNumber = data(1).ToString

Need help with Outlook automation

thank you…!!!