How to compare data in a column if it matches with ADMN word should write same word in another column.Can anyone help me please it's Urgent

This is the excel image and in this Entitle column i should check for ADMN data if it present i should write same word on Access Type column. Can anyone help me plz.

This is final excel image in which i should modify the data in this format.


Hi @sandhyareddy
Inside a Loop
use an if activity

currentRow(“Entitlement (Group/Role)”).toString=“ADMN”
currentRow(“Access Type - Admin or Normal”)=“ADMN”
currentRow(“Access Type - Admin or Normal”)=“Normal”


Hi @sandhyareddy

1)Use the read range to read the entire Excel and store it into an Datatable say dt_data.
2)Now use For each row in Datatable.- Input: dt_data
3)Under the use an If condition saying
4)Use an Assign activity:
CurrentRow(“Access Type”).ToString= “ADMN”
5)Use Write Range Workbook:

  • Input: DataTable: dt
    • Specify the range to write back to the Excel file

@sandhyareddy : Please find attach code for your reference, Please let me know in case any issue (9.9 KB)

this is the error i am getting

hi @sandhyareddy ,

You have to use the full Column Name in your case it is: “Entitlement (Group/Role)”


Hi @sandhyareddy

Try copying the column name from the excel and pasting the same in the syntax. The input excel may have some spaces when created. Check that and give. If possible share the screenshot and dummy excel so I can find exact solution for you

Hope it helps!!


Can you share your workflow? can check it and respond back

Book.xlsx (18.1 KB)
Main.xaml (11.3 KB)

In the Book.xlsx file, initially in Access Type - Admin or Normal column no data is present. So, i want to compare the data withEntitlement (Group/Role) column if data matches with ADMN. then i should give same word in Access column or else i should mention Normal

@sandhyareddy : this column name should match with your data sheet, i used file with column name entitlement, you need to change it as per your file

yes changed, but still getting wrong data. like whatever present in Entitlement column getting same in Access column.

Hi @sandhyareddy

I have uploaded the zip file for reference. Please check and say whether if it’s working fine. (1.1 MB)

Hope it works!! Happy Automation.


@sandhyareddy : yes because in else condition i have mentioned that, you need to make small change in else condition where you will update it to NRML

Hi @sandhyareddy

You can use this workflow,

Book.xlsx (18.0 KB)
SandhyaWorkflow.xaml (8.5 KB)

Your mistake was that you weren’t passing the same column name as mentioned in excel at both the places.

In the IF condition: CurrentRow(“Entitlement (Group/Role)”).ToString.Equals(“ADMN”)
In the Assign inside IF: CurrentRow(“Access Type - Admin or Normal”)

Happy Automation

Hi @sandhyareddy

Please check the zip file for reference. (1.0 MB)


Thankyou all for your lovely help. It helped me alottt Once again Thankyou! Soooo muchhhhh. :slightly_smiling_face:

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