How to compare cell color?

Currently, I need to find out the name of a specific column (filled with light green) and delete all the columns.

To do this, I would like to implement a process that loops through the header section and deletes the columns if they are light green, but I don’t know how to compare the colors.

For your information, the output of [Get cell color] Activity is as follows.
Color("{Name=ff92d050, ARGB=(255, 146, 208, 80)}")

If I want to use a [if] activity to compare the above colors, what should I put in the Condition?

Thank you for your time.


you can compare the ARGB value of your color with a predefined ARGB value!

Check your light green color by examining the value of ColorVariable.ToArgb (int32). Then put this value in a int32 variable (predefined ARGB value) and compare in if with ColorVariable.ToArgb = PredefinedArgbValue

Does this help?

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I apologize for the delay in replying.
I have just checked the operation and it works fine.
Thank you very much for your advice!

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