How to compare and select from different pages

I had a situation where i need to select the given bank with particular address. But i can only search with bank name. When i search with bank name there are multiple results with the same bank with different address which are pulled from database. I need to select the one from those results which are in multiple pages. Each page will have 4-5 addresses based on length of address. If i didnt find i need to select branch not listed

Would it be possible to separate the string value for the bank name and then address. If robot finds the bank name, then it could check address is no match check next page? Difficult to answer properly without seeing the solution, and knowing what you are trying to read.

I will be getting input with bank name and address. We need to check our database for that address. If not in the database add the address to database. When checking the database search option only allows bank name. If that bank name is in database it will display them 4 address per page . I need to select if address also matches or at the end of pages there is option not matched.

So the issue you are having is searching the database? Sorry its a bit unclear what you are trying to do. What are the pages you have mentioned?

Instead of drop down menu results will be displayed in multiple pages. For example if i search for Bank of america it will show results like
bankof america
Bank of america
Page 2
Bank of america
Bank of america
Depends on no of results no of pages will be there. Each page will have 4 address

Can you send a screenshot of the ‘pages’?