How to compare a String and DateTime Type in a For Each Row activity? (ERROR: Options Strict On disallows implicit conversion from 'Object' to 'String')

I am trying to compare two variables in a For Each Loop. One is a ‘String’, the other is a 'DataTime."

I’ve tried converting the string to the DateTime type using:


But keep on getting the error “Options Strict On disallows implicit conversion from ‘Object’ to ‘String’”

What should I do to compare these two variables?

try converting the date time one to string and see if it works
also check this maybe it can help: Learn How To Compare Dates In UiPath - YouTube

Give a try to and use IT for compare with a datetime


Hi, welcome to the community!
if you are getting that error, most likely that datatable column named Date is already of DateTime type… You should not try to parse it as a date again…

Hi, thanks for your response!

When I try to assign the variable however to just “row.item(0)” I get the error:

"Cannot assign from type ‘System.Object’ to type ‘Sytem.DateTime’ in Assign activity ‘Assign.’

So my new question is. How do you convert an Object to a DateTime?


Hello, thanks for your response. I am trying to compare two dates, so converting it to a string does not compare correctly.

Hello, thanks for your response. I have tried this, and I would still get the same error sadly.

Use row.item(0). ToString

and then you can use Compare Date Activitiy. It is explained completely in the video I have shared.

have a look below

Line 1: a date value from the row’s Date column
Line 2: the parsing result
Line 3: the parsing in a short form, when System.Globalization is imported as following:


in case of your implementation is not working as expected then go for debugging / setting Breakpoints and analyse the different variable values and statetements. Quick statement checks can be be done in the watch / immediate panel as well

I was able to fix the problem. Thanks so much! Should’ve watched the video in full first time around.

Great @ahn661707

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