How to Compare 3 columns in Excel and save PDF from a website to local machine

Hi everyone.

I would like really appreciate if you could shed some light on the project that I am currently working on.

At first, I have two Excel Columns. Table 1 and Table 2. Table 1 I took it from a website. Table 2 from my local drive. Then, I join them together into Table 3. I used read range and write range. -SUCCEED, OK. It is currently, working until here.

Now, Table 3, I have a lot of columns. But what I am interested in these 3 columns: N/ref, Ref, and POD Column.

For your kind information, Nref and Ref is actually reference number. (Table 1)- Nref I took from a website, (table 2) - Ref is from my local drive. Then, POD Column on that excel comes with a condition Si or No. Si = have a pdf file on a website. No = doesn’t have a pdf file on wesbite.

**So, Now…**I am currently trying to find a match if there is any Ref number on N/ref on that Table 3 WITH a condition if that reference number is equal to POD Column = si (yes) . = I am stuck from here.
Next, I need to Evaluate POD column:
a. If empty (no pdf)– Stop workflow and move to next element.
b. If something found (si have pdf) – Right Click and save link as
i. Save the file in a concrete folder in the local hard drive where the folder name = the reference number. If the folder does not exist in the destination folder in a local hard drive, the workflow should create it. Continue until completion of all elements in Excel file.

Please find below XAML and Excel (35.5 KB)

Do you know how can I achieve this? I am still new on UiPath.

Looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you.

Loshyy Mahad

Hi guys…
I am still waiting for a help here…
Anyone know the workaround for this case?

Thanks in advance!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: