How to compare 2 table values

I need help in to compare 2 table value and deside result based on that…

Grocery last month

Product - Price
Milk - 150
Youghet - 120
Pasta - 250
Katchup - 35

This month same things…

Product - Price
Youghet - 150
Katchup - 45
Milk - 180
Jouice - 85
Oil - 350
Pasta - 240

Now I want to compair
My grocery list of product and price of current month is same as last month… plus Remember product can be on different order and price can be different also… plus some new grocey items can come also.

can someone help me on that…
Thanks in advance

Can product column have duplicate values? If not, use the Join Data Table Activity.

Hi @Latif

Please refer this for finding matching and unmatching rows of 2 datatable,


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