How to compare 2 Queue Item




I have one scenario, while getting data from queue i have to compare between items of queue data to trigger one activity.(send mail).

For Ex. if Ist row GetTransactionItem.specificcontent(“Ticketno”)<>2nd row GetTransactionItem.specificcontent(“Ticketno”) then send email.

Can you plz share some ideas?


Best way would be using HTTP Request activity and comparing it by API

  1. HTTP Request - Authenticate
  2. Use Deserialize Json and store it to a JObject - get the auth token
  3. In another HTTP Request use the following,
  • EndPoint - https://URL/odata/QueueItems?$ filter = QueueDefinitionID eq ‘your queueId’ and Status eq Uipath.Core.Model.Queues.ProcessingStatus%27New%27
  • Method - GET
  • Add auth token in headers
  • Result - String Variable
  1. Use Deserialize Json and store it to a JObject
  2. Use Linq query to get only ticketno and store it to a StringArray first element - latest added
    (From item in JobjectVariable("value") Select Convert.ToString(item("SpecificContent")("Ticketno"))).ToArray()
  3. Run a for each to compare

Dominic :slight_smile: