How to compare 2 excel sheets

Hii Folks,
I Have got scenario wherein i need to compare two excel sheets and filter the data and write it to new excel sheet

need help !!!

Thank You

Hi @anand_desai
Check this workflow
I done the usecase and got result successfully
Main.xaml (19.0 KB)
Check this

If you got answer to ur query by this , mark it as solution


Nived N
Happy Automation

Thank you for the solution :slightly_smiling_face: But i am not able to open Main.xaml in my UiPath Can u Please send me zipped project folder

Hi @anand_desai

Can u Share ur email bro

Since zip is large which I can’t upload here

I will share the file via email✌️

Hi try to download main.xaml and place it inside any Uipath workflow folder and try to.ipen from there

Thanks For The help :slightly_smiling_face:

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