How to compare 2 CSV and output the total cheapest price?

I’m having a few problems here hoping someone could help:)
-I have 2 CSV data table with 2 columns of item and price respectively
-I want to calculate and compare the total prices between 2 CSV files and output a message box on which list the user should choose
-The data in both CSV files is different every time as it is an extracted data from the online marts
-To be honest I’m not sure of what I’m doing. So I hope someone could help me by providing a new solution to that

Thank you in advance!

Hy @wyyy, welcome to uipath community!!

Could you share your files so I can take a look?


Hey, I’m having a problem sharing my files as they state new users cannot upload attachment. Is there any other way I can go about?

Hy @wyyy,

Try zipping the file before uploading it

@wyyy, Or you can upload it on Google Drive or DropBox and share the link.

Here! It will be under “My_project”! @William_Blech_Sister @SenzoD