How to combine two seperate reframework bots

Hello Experts,

I have created a dispatcher bot which will push the transactions to Orchestrator and a performer bot to process those transactions.
Now I have to combine those two as a single project. What to do now any suggestions please.

Hi @saurabh_bhandwale

Can you please let us know the exact requirement and the reason to combine both the process.


Actually I want to upload it in the 2nd assessment of advance RPA developer certification which is generate yearly report.
I have created a dispatcher bot and a performer bot but when I uploaded both the files seperately then it gives me score of 20 out of 100 means only the dispatcher one is counted and performer was not counted. So that’s why I have to upload both the projects in one single file so that it will be considered. If anyone faced this issue please guide me something.

If it’s on the acme webpage they don’t really check ur projects just the results of ur acme webpage.
If u did some testing chances are some of the transactions are wrong on your acme page.

Try reseting the data on acme page and run both your bots if they are working correctly.
Then upload anything, it’s just a trigger to check ur acme account anyways.

Okay sure, yes it is acme page
I’ll try that and come back…:wink:

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