How to combine two columns into one column

I want to the values of columns C and D be added to columms A and B, like the picture below.

I have tried count the rows of columns B, then write cells on the “B(rows)”. However,the rows was 49, more than 22. It means 49 rows including blanks(not expected).
Therefore, I don’t know how to do now.

Why you not use the Append Range activity ?

could you send the input & output you want.

I just studied uipath for one week. I haven’t used append range before. Can you pose some pictures about how to solve the problems if you have time :sob: :sob:

Pls send your file and your output result you want.

I wanna realize this

Pls check.

Sheet1 is the Input and Sheet2 save the output result. (67.6 KB)

Hi @aureolegogogo

Have a look on the video


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