How to combine multiple CSV file without changing the format

Hi, i have Multiple CSV file and i want to combine it as 1File,

but i dont know why it gives me wrong format as expected output.

Kindly see image below
The Highlighted blue is the correct format expected

the Color orange is the invalid format output.
But all the data is correct.

Pls help,

thank you


is the delimiter changing from the csv?


I hope the steps followed is almost sane as this

Make sure you have enabled preserve format option in read range activity
And also check once with the delimiter used

Does all csv use same delimiter or is it different

Cheers @Vincent_Nuestro

hi @Palaniyappan

i am not sure and dont know how to check it all the csv use same delimiter

But is my Read CSV i used Tab in delimiter

But before automation it is a mandatory step to check whether the format is same for all the input data and it is a part of input standardisation

Pls verify that and see what changes are there

Cheers @Vincent_Nuestro

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I think it is the same?

Can you check once with the first column format
In that csv

Here? i think it is same format

Hmm fine

Is preserve format enabled with read range
If not pls enable that and give a try

There is no preserve format in Read CSV activity @Palaniyappan

Oh sorry I forgot it’s a csv


Fine let’s try with the new package version
Try upgrading system.activity package in your studio


Only thing we left is it check with the data itself
Like is it having any extra space or lack of delimiter because of bot isn’t able to merge them


I already did, but id did not work also.

I have another Code macro, but i dont know how to use it properly
Read all CSV, Copy and paste it in 1 Csv file

and the path needs to change base on Item Loop
Workbooks.Open Filename:=“C:\Users"& User &”\Documents\RPA Storage\Data\Input"

can you help me on this @Palaniyappan

Disclaimer: Not a solution to the stated problem.

Just an idea on how to check csv delimiter…

Open your csv files in text editor (notepad wil do).
From there, you can clearly the delimiters used.

Sample display
a,b,c,d,e → comma delimiter
a b c d → space or tab delimiter

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