How to combine filtering properties in get outlook mail message?

Hi UiPath,

I am trying to combine the following filtering function in get outlook mail message.

as you can see, it is giving me an error.

can I combine different filtering method?

let me know


Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

It’s not clear from the screenshot what exact error you are facing.
However, looking at the Filter string, I think the word AND is not part of any string.

Judging by the Filtering Examples shown on the UiPath Docs page, the AND keyword should be part of the string.
So if you change your expression slightly:
"[Received] >= '" + DateTime.Today.ToString("d") + " 00:00AM' AND @SQL........"

Emphasis on the "00:00AM' AND... part.
I removed the double quotes after AM' because the AND should be a part of the filter query.
In your expression it is highlighted in BLUE which means it’s being considered a part of the Expression Editor’s VB language, not part of a string which will be sent as filter query.

Whether or not a query with [Received] and @SQL in combination works for you is a different question.
I hope that makes sense and that you find out after fixing the syntax.


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Hi @alvin.c.apostol26,

Can you share the error you got?


Hi @muhammedyuzuak

Here is the error I got.