How to Collect some text and use it to determine a scenario

Hi To ALL,
I need help to unblock a situation that is currently generating an error in the flow.

I’m on the SFDC portal.
I just ran a query.
At this point, there are two possibilities:
If I get rows, the window populates itself with the table.
If the result is 0, nothing happens.

If the table appears, I have no problem scraping and collecting the data.
But if the query result is 0, I would like to avoid scraping, which would fail.

In the top bar, a summary of the result appears:

“Query Results = Total Rows: 3” …or “Query Results = Total Rows: 0”

How can I collect that last number, and determine if it is = 0 or> 0?




Split the text with “:” and take 1st position element.
Eg split(“Query Result - Total Rows: 0”,“:”)(1).Trim will give you 0

Thanks friend!!
This was an invaluable help.
I am not very familiar with string management …
thanks again… really…

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