How to Collect information on a 2nd webpage after a click on the 1st webpage?

Hello everyone,

I use StudioX.
Page 1: This is to Get the EIN from an Excel file to search for the organization, and click Go.

I can let the process happen after use For Each Row of excel and make this step work. I need help with the step below:

Page 2: after click Go on page 1, I now have the organization’s page, i.e., the 2nd webpage. And I want the bot to collect the url of the first Raw XML file, which is the 990 blue button.


How can I point the bot to the 2nd webpage correctly when the url of this page depends on the search result on the 1st page?


Hi @CarlaS

A good way to do this would be,
Once you have clicked on Go button on 1st page, use a Check APP state to check whether the second page is loaded or not.
Once you have verified through the bot that the second page is loaded,
Use Get Attribute activity and select this 990 button.
Since you want the URL, you need to scrape it through href or src or the URL attribute which you can check using UiExplorer.


Happy Automation!

Hi @adijaiin

It works!

Thank you.

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