How to collect goods href's with image url?

all videos describe how to collect the captions of the product, but nowhere is there about how to collect the link to the image as well. Or even the image itself.
How is it possible to collect a href-link to an image if the tag is hidden inside the HTML markup?

hi @111194
use get attribute with property as href


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In case of retrieving the url of an image:

  • Datascraping: modify the extract XML and change to attribute src (similar to the html img tag attribute)
  • get Attribute Activity and src attribute

In some cases under the src only a part of the url is returned. In such cases have a look on what is base url like

a link has a href with the url info
an image has a src with url to the image

the src info can be used e.g. for downloading the image

Hi @111194

Use Get attribute activity and select href


Kommi Jeevan.

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Perfect just have a look on the screenshot below and change attribute “text” to “src”

Maybe you have to reconfigure the selector for the Image column. Just give a try

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