How to collect data from an image and aggregate it in an excel sheet?

Hi to all,
this is the first time that I have resorted to using OCR with UIpath.

I have this sheet, jpg image.
There are some data related to clinical examinations.
I would like to arrange the same, on an excel sheet, maintaining the order of the rows / columns.
Can anyone tell me how to proceed?
thanks a lot to all…


You can try with Tessraact OCR / Microsoft OCR, but those results are not stable

This type of images require a Pattern based OCR’s

You can try with UiPath Document Understanding OR some other paid tools like Abbyy Flexicapture or Microsoft Vision

Hope this may help you


like @Srini84 desribed - try use OCR.
You can try also on extracted text use regex or another pattern. Like double space which can split columns.
If you attach output text we can take a look :slight_smile:


As the image looks fine with characters and letter you can go for DOCUMENT UNDERSTANDING method to read the data and write that to a excel file

Have a view on this on how to use document understanding

Cheers @AaronMark