How to close the Excel file that open automatically after downloaded from SAP

After downloading the spreadsheet from SAP, it will open the excel automatically. As I needed to download several reports, I make it into a loop. Hence, is there a way to close it every time it opens the downloaded files?
I did searched and tried the method from the forum before making a post.

use close application activity, and pass in this selector (capture title bar of excel and remove attributes such as filename etc…)

It didn’t work. Is it because I already uses excel process scoop at the top? I using it to retrieve the report I needed.

shouldnt matter, make sure this close application is OUTSIDE of the excel application scope. Or else it wont work

can you upload the xaml?

Hello @Cari

It’s suggested to use the Close Application activity to close the windows. It should work for excel also.

In case if it’s not working you can try Kill process activity.But it will kill all the excel sessions. Suggesting to use it only is Close application is not working.

But i need to use excel scoop to loop through the list of reports i want to download.
I used For each row to loop through. I can’t move it out of the excel scoop

Hi @Cari ,

Could you maybe show us a Screenshot of your Workflow that contains these parts just to analyse the Steps/Activities used.