How to close or end SFTP session

Hi ,
May I know if that a way to close or ended SFTP session in UI Path. As I found out that once i used WithFTPSession and choose option ‘Secure FTP’, my next sequence action will not able to start , it seems that the SFTP connection keep running. Please help to advise , thanks a lot.

Hi Icchong - Where you able to test the connection successfully. If yes, and if you want to disconnect from that particular connection you can use FTP Disconnect Activity passing the variable which was generated in FTP Connect Activity.

Hi Pruthvisiddhartha,
But my studio already doesn’t have FTP Disconnect Activity and Open FTP Connectivity, which i believed this should be the newest update version. Hence, in this case I use With FTP session activity which is connected successfully. But this activity does not have any disconnect action. Can you help ? Thanks a lot.

Hi Icchong - Can you try to download the FTP activity packages from Manage Packages and then try them.

Hi Pruthvisiddhartha.
Mine FTP activity package is the

latest one, as i just updated last week ago,.