How to Close Multiple App At Once?

Hello, we are making some robot and we want to make sure the next actions done on a certain app is done smoothly, so we decided to close all relating app before running the process.

Client has this internal system, and we can run multiple of it. I was thinking about doing:
While Element Exists (app window)
Do Close Application
but was thinking may be there was another better way to do this?

Hi @whyyouandi,

yea you are correct.
you can use kill process also, but if you are sharing one machine to multiple use go to close application.
CloseAllApplication.xaml (8.9 KB)



Sorry for the late response.
Seems like no better way to do this, and your code was working exactly like I wanted, so closed the question. Thank you for your opinion and sample!


I have tried the above component, and it worked but only closed google chrome.

I would like to have a component that closes all the applications that can be opened in windows, except uipath, for example if I have opened a pdf, chrome, documents, spotify, etc…
A component that closes all of these applications at once.

I don’t know if this is possible but I would like if it is, to know how can I do it.

Thank so much,

Hey @willhgardner

Check this thread link and let me know: Component To closes all Running applications that can be opened in windows, except Uipath Studio +UiRobot


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Perfect, that’s what I was looking for.

Thank you