How to close DataReader when sql run query is failed? While i am re- running query it is failing

I am executing run query , bot had failed , then i am retrying query . But it is failing as datareader is still running for previous run.

Hi @MitheshBolla

If you know the process name you can also execute Kill Process at the initialization of the robot. This will kill the process of DataReader and provide fresh start for your robot.


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what is the process name for datareader?

You can try to find it in the Task Manager->Details tab:

Or In the Processes tab, right click the process->Go to details

when we run execute query in uipath , we dont find any executer in task manager.

Could you chceck if you don’t have this process running in Details tab?


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WHen DB connection is made i cant find this in my task manager!

What are the UiPath services you have?