How to close appended file activity notepad at the end of automation

Hi Everyone,

I am generating separate log file by using append line activity and often I get an exception message that bot is not able to access the notepad file I saved using append line activity. Could someone give me suggestion is there any activity to close the connection created by append line activity or how to fix this issue?


Hi @Boopathi

This should not occur, I have used this and it works fine. Some other process might be using the app.

However, you can kill the notepad activity in the start of you script so as to make sure no notepad is open in background.



For append line activity you no need to open notepad, so kill notepad at beginning and use, if still getting an error means please share the screenshot…


Thank you @megharajky and @PrankurJoshi. I have added kill process for notepad and need to check it out how it works.

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