How to clone or import all arguments to another file?

I need to clone all arguments in file _product_hierachy to _product_header

If you want to know why i have to do this … imagine if i have many arguments and for other file i don’t want take time for setting the same something as i just did before it inconvenient for developing.

so, any solution for this


Hi @lovepong66

You can just select all the arguments from the workflow you want to copy with the ctrl Key pressed and then right click and copy, then go to the secondary workflow in the arguments panel and the just press ctrl + v, this is the single copy paste as always


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@lovepong66 : As per my knowledge you can only use “Control” Key & select all the Arguments then Copy it using Keyboard shortcut (CTRL + C) & Paste those to New workflow by right clicking on Argument Panel & paste option.

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Fantastic!!! I what i want. Big Thanks!

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