How to click use dynamic selector/click without selector in this case?

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Appreciate it if you can take time off to help me look into this issue.

Basically, I’m trying to create dynamic selector to input details from a DataTable, but I realize that there are no uniquely identifier in the selector.

Thus, I tried to use F3 and then select clipping , on the selector for ID & Aria Label(which is constantly changing) , I replaced it as * but when I do that the click & type into activity didn’t happen. It will only happen if I include the fix ID but it won’t work when it’s processing the next page because the ID is always changing.

I was referring to this post but there are no solution yet

The below image are showing the text box where the details are being entered. There are 2 text box with the same column of Item no. ( Can’t uniquely identify them via selector on the same page). This is only 1 page and when I click on other invoice to process which has the same interface but then the ID and Aria label changes. (Can’t uniquely identify them via selector on different invoices)
Selector 3

Below image selector is from the same page.
Selector 1 Image → Charterer Item No. Selector

Selector 2 image → Owner Item No. Selector

So I was wondering since I could not uniquely identify a dynamic selector, is there any way that I could click it / input text base on cursor position itself without having the need of inputting the Selector?

Thank you

@zheng_xu_Leow Whether you checked with Click image activity?
Check this below screenshot,

And Remove the selector from the properties panel of Click image activity :+1:
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

@Manish540 Thank you for your respond.

Yes, I did tried it with Click Image activity and remove the selector, if you look at the above image, I have 2 tables with Item No., when I did what you suggested it’s only clicking on the 1st table Item no. twice and not moving to the 2nd table.

The image that I selected is the box in the item No.