How to click status bar button in SAP

Is anyway to click the status bar button in the SAP. Is any hotkey present. While selecting it’s taking full selector. I can’t use click i



Did you try with active accessibility?


Yes i tried. Im getting the same


Can you show clearly what you want to spy?

Is it part of the SAP WIndow or inside SAP?


It’s in the footer it’s like the slideling. While selecting it’s taking full footer selector. I have to click that sidebar to get system details.


For system
Detaila can you try using system tab on top or tcode sm51

If these are the details you are looking for


@brindhaseran1503 you can get the details of that with SAP connection properties. If allowed, you can use VBS to retrieve that.

Actually i have to take screenshot of responsive time. is anyway to click that sidebar