How to click specific item in a row in Web site

I have some rows (Please see the image I added) indicate some addresses and I want to find the label (indicate yellow) With specific address and delete only it (press “click” on the specific Trash can).
How can I do that please ?


You can use dynamic selector passing variable (address to search as variable )

But how can he knows I need to press the same trush in the same row ?
Sorry I didn’t understand you

@mironb Using ‘get attribute activity’ you can get the index or row number of the item which you have to delete( by using the innertext, you can setup the selector for ‘get attribute’ activity)

Then use the same row number/index as the selector for ‘click’ activity in order to click the required trash button.

Yes but it is a dynamic data


Use Get Attribute activity using this you can get a row index number for the particular item.Then store in to variable & use that selector in click activity it will work


The dynamic data you can pass as a variable to the ‘innertext’ selector.

If my understanding regarding your issue is wrong,could you please let me know it in detail!

Thank you!

Hi @mironb ,

Have you tried using an anchor in your selector?

I would suggest you follow below approach-

  • Extract everything into a data table.
  • Iterate through it to identify to row you want to delete.
  • store that specific label data into a string variable(Let’s say Label_var).
  • Use click activity and indicate the trash can. Once you get the selector, open uiexplorer for the same. use anchor option and indicate the adjacent label. Once indicated, In the anchor selector, Replace the Lable string with Label_var. Save the selector.

Let me know if this works for you.

Ashutosh Gupta

I made all of it, but didn’t understand what is “In the anchor selector, Replace the Lable string with Label_var. Save the selector.”
where is the anchor selector ? where I find it ?

Maybe I didn’t understand how to pass a variable the ‘innertext’.

Look at the top of screenshot. there you will find indicate anchor option.
When you indicate any element with this option, You will get few more lines of data in the selector field. There you have to find aaname/inner text. select everything inside that, Right click and you will get an option to replace with a variable. In the variable you have to choose Label_var.

Hope this works for you.


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