How to click/send hotkeys on COM elements on web page of firefox web browser

Unable to Click on an UI Elements on Firefox. I am able to work on Citrix and other web sites all Okay. But when I click on a button on ITSM Remedy Tool, a new firefox window opens, when I click on that window using UI PATH BASIC RECORDING / DESKTOP RECORDING/CITRIX RECORDING…I get an error " hresult e_fail returned from a call to a com component ". Any idea how to deal with COM components using UI Path. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Did you try.

Hi @ddpadil ,

I have already tried this and I have the latest UiPath Firefox Extension Installed.

I will upload the screen shot for u to get a clear picture of this.

Can you try with UiExplorer to identify the element on ITSM tool.
Is Firefox is mandatory ?.
Can you give a try with IE which works more efficient way.

Hi @ddpadil ,

Look like this is working fine for Internet Explorer.

As of now it is working fine.

Will revert if in case I face any challenges.

Cheers Man :slight_smile:

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