How to click or select something based on the last three characters?

Hello guys,

I want to select the “Branch Name” that ends with “XXX” whose position is dynamic. I used select item and click text. It didn’t work.

Is there any way to achieve this ?

Hi @jijorhohim98,

Can you share the screenshot of the selector?

You can make a dynamic selector like aaname(or innertext) : *XXX

With this you can click the text content which finish with XXX


Hi @jijorhohim98

Check out the tutorial


This is the selector for normal click activity

HI @jijorhohim98

Try this

  • Data scrap the table
  • Loop through the rows using for each row in datatable
    • If Condition to be like
System.text.RegularExpression.IsMatch(CurrentRow("Branch Name").ToString.Trim,"X{3}$")

in then
use the click activity and use dynamic selector with the inner text attribute or other attributes which have the Branch name

Hope this Helps


Hi @jijorhohim98

Enable the innertext in the selector

In the inner text at the last three character you can pass the variable for that you can check out the tutorial above