How to click one-by-one

i m having a desktop application and i need to click a name and do a small process i want to know how do i click one after other like shown in bellow

can some one recommend a method

Hi @Tharusha_Fernando

Is that a clickable region ?

Means do u need to click the whole section or only time section of each area?

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i just need to click any part of the ashe colour area but one area at time


Are you able to get the selector of the Ash area?

If so take the first two Ash area’s selectors and check the difference and make it dynamic

Hope this may help you



hi @Srini84 @NIVED_NAMBIAR
this is how the windows appear and selectors don’t capture the any thing inside what can i do in a situation like this
i need to click inside the yellow highlighted boxes

Thank you

Hi @Tharusha_Fernando
did u enable java extension into it?

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What is the selector you get?

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i did try the java extension install from uipath tools but still it don’t seems to effect result

It’s not a java app so the extension won’t help you. You can try to switch the Ui Framework used for indicating. Probably you are using the default mode now, but try with ActiveAccessibility and UiAutomation and see if you get better results. If not, you can try using ScreenScraping to get text and ClickText activity to click.