How to Click on When download button appears

I have Web page like this which has 2 columns in it Status and Link

As you can see in the first row the status is InProgress so the download button has not appeared,
but once the status changes to success the download button appears

What i want to do is once the Status changes to Success in the first row I want to click the respective download button which will apear next to it.

How to do this ?

And this operation I want to perform only on the first row of this table everytime

whats the selector of the download button?

and the selector of the status text? @Ishan_Shelke

Hey @jack.chan ,

You can create an Anchor based selector and put those steps in Retry scope and given some time interval and the Retry number in the retry scope and in the condition of the retry scope you can put element exist to check for that element.

This way you can automate this task.


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Download Button (Click activity) :


Status text (Get Text Activity) :


try this (fill in the selectors of “get text” and "click " activity
Sequence.xaml (10.5 KB)

Sorry for the trouble I have another report where the status changes on manually pressing the refresh button, Can you help ?

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