How to click on the view button if the following column string starts with MILEM


I have a table like this on a web page what i need to do is identify whether the VTID column data starts with MILEM if yes them I need to click on the respective View Button besides it.

For example. 1st row starts with MILEM so I need to click on the View button besides it

Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

Have you tried performing the Table Extraction for the table and Check if it is able to get the Table Content properly ?

We could then Check the Selector of the View Button. There should be an attribute which we could use or if the VTID column values are unique, we could use it as an Anchor for the View Element.

Do Check using UiExplorer what attributes are available and if there is a row number attribute that we could use for identifying the correct View button element. If so, we could use it in our For Each Activity, to pick/Click only that row number which matches the condition.

Let us know what are your findings.