How to click on the desired row in the table

Screenshots are not taken due to security, so I will substitute the pictures and examples above…
I want to make a program that double-clicks a row in the table on the right web that contains the same name as the name of the MVP next to the left web. Help

in detail
Searching on the web on the right is possible only with the first name, and the search results displayed in the table are recognized as a single text consisting of a name and a number.
So I copied the first name of the mvp on the left and pasted it on the web on the right to search for it.
But I’m having trouble getting it to double-click on a row in the table that contains the full name.
I am a very novice user.
So, I have no idea which command to write in the selector editor or ui explorer.
Please teach me in detail. Please

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Hello @kahlilgibran,

Can you paste the selector of the double-click activity here?


Thanks, but I think I’ve solved the problem

You have done a perfect work on describing and illustrating the requirements while keeping the sensitive details.

Incase of further open questions are remaining, let us know and we will support

Sweet! :slightly_smiling_face: