How to click on the desired element from huge list

I am working on a demo project where I have to send the reports of the stock market to different clients. The company’s whose stock price they want are stored in different excel, for example, client1’s requirements are in excel 1 and client2’s requirements are in excel 2 and so on. I am collecting stock market data from .

  • I have to create a queue to push the stock report data.
  • Read all excel one by one, fill the data corresponding to company names in excel.
  • Send mail to all clients with their excels attached.

I have pushed all the excel data into Queue.
Now when I try to fetch the data from website, I am unable to click on the exact company name from the huge Unable to click exact match.docx (254.8 KB) list(screenshot attched for reference).

Can someone please help me to sort it.

can you include a screenshot of your selectors and the property pane for the click activity?
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Thanks for replying.

Please find the screenshot below.

To make it generic , I have replaced ‘HDFC’ with ‘*’

Property Pane:

@Mr_Meeseeks Please let me know if any additional information required.

Hi @liji.lillygeorge95,

If you replace the name of the company by *, i don’t it will work because UiPath will not be able to know where exactly to click, or it will click on a random company.

I would use aaname=‘companyName’, the way it was before.

Is the button of company visible on the screen when the robot try to click it? Can you share the error that you are getting?


Hi @liji.lillygeorge95,

Try adding an attribute to your selector which contains the company name you are looking for. This will probably go in the aaname attribute. Have a play around with it and see what works for you

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