How to click on text that appears after a webpage is loaded

I would like to perform some repeated search on bloomberg website, when I click on the search icon, the search box appears. What activities can I use to click on the first result appears under category (e.g. People)? Click Text seems doesn’t work in this case.


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From your case

  1. Place a click activity to click on search
  2. Place a Typeinto to type in the search with your keyword
    3)Place again a click activity to click on the result you get OR you can try with Click Text activity also

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Please try attached workflow file. It can help.

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The problem is that the black search box will disappear if I do not have my cursor on the text box. So when I use Click or Click Text activity, it doesn’t work since the black search box disappear when I tried to “indicate element in browser”.

You can use ‘send hotkeys’ activity with ‘enter’ option. It worked for me…Please try once

Yup I have tried but the result is different from clicking the first result appearing on the pop up search box.

If I use send hotkeys, it will direct me to a different page (the above part of the screenshot below)

While I want to land on the below part of the screenshot