How to click on Specific Value if there are multiple records, also the value position is getting changed

I’m searching the record with Account id then I’m getting the result in Table format as shown in screen shot but the thing is that its giving the many Account ID.

After that I want to lick on the Account # which i entered while search. But the issue is that how to should i click to specific account, it may work for first search but after that the account # position will get change.

So how to do this, any idea?


hi @vaibhav2.chavan,

Have you tried with Click Text


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@vaibhav2.chavan - try below - create a new sequence file…

  • using uipexplore → select one of the account # column value… and optimise the selector… check is the account# value is added to aaname/id/element…
  • add a sequence
  • create a string type variable and assign your account number - like strAccountNo = ‘10346089’
  • create a string type variable like dynSelAccountNo and assign the uiExplorer selector text and replace account number with strAccountNo
    like aaname= 10346089 to aaname=’"+ strAccountNo +"’
  • add a click activity and pass the dynSelAccountNo as selector and test
  • if its works fine… change the strAccountNo value with other value and verify again…
  • once it works fine - include it to your actual workflow…
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@GBK - Thanks for your inputs. You are always providing the correct solution.

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@vaibhav2.chavan - cheers!!

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