How to click on specific text

Hi to all,
I’m having trouble clicking on the exact text of a table on salesforce.
The bot must look for a specific offer-name, and click on the icon on the right.

… Mobile a Consumo
… Flash Mobile Light
… Flash Mobile
… Flash Mobile Dati
… Flash NeXXt Mobile
… Flash NeXXt Mobile Maxi

The approach I used works on 99% of offers, but fails on one.
If the “offer name” is just “Fash Mobile”
The Mouse tries to click on the first match, even if it doesn’t have the exact name.

Does anyone know what it depends on and how to help me?

You should be doing this with a dynamic selector, not Find Text Position.

Using Ui Explorer click one of the items and show us the selector.

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@AaronMark Dd you try with Find Element instead of Find Text Position

Hello @AaronMark

Can you try with App/Web recorder?
During recording click on the Right button(which you want to click) and it will ask for an anchor, choose the respective Offer Name.

Inorder to make it dynamic, check the selector it should have captured offer names as anchor, just try to repalceit though a variable and see if its working or not.

in salesforce selectors not work properly instead or ui use Uipath api integration with salesforce or try to click with image activities