How to Click on specific row item on Salesforce

Hi to all,
I’m stuck with an automation bot…
I have to click on a specific icon relating to a specific offer.
I am unable to intercept the selector via the UIExplorer, but I am trying a path that perhaps could work.

The text in the Innertex and the other components does not match the one on the GUI, so I don’t know how to click on the relevant icon.

I tried the Hover Text command.
I can position myself on the desired text.
Still with the Hover command, I can direct the mouse on the correct icon, changing the coordinates.

I’m on the icon … but I don’t know how to activate the CLICK?

How can I click on it?
Can anyone help me with this?

Hello @AaronMark ,

As you mentioned you are working on salesforce did you explored the salesforce package in uipath?

Also for the UI automation, can you try Clik Text Activity. Not sure this will work here as you are not able inspect.

@AaronMark Did you try with Anchors ??. Below link for ref

Anchor Base Activity

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