How to click on particular part on Orange color in the Graph which is shown in below screenshots

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Your question can be very simple, or rather hard to answer, depending on how you got that graph :slight_smile:

If you got the graph as an image, you would need some AI logic to find the brightest orange square. I’m sure it exists (and I would love for someone to point to it) but I wouldn’t know any off the top of my head.

If you got the graph by making a screenshot of an application, we might have more of a chance with standard Studio activities.

Can you tell us more about your situation? Also, you posted this in the StudioX category. Are you using StudioX, or are you able to use regular Studio? This will likely make a difference in the answer you’ll get.

Best regards, Jeroen


What is the purpose of clicking on an orange color part? What would you like to achieve? Maybe there is a workaround instead of working with images.

kind regards.