How to click on particular element from different web pages

Hi All,

I need to go to different sites and click on “About us” element and capture the information. But The challenge is that “About us” is different for different sites. I am not able to fix the selector that works for different sites. Can somebody please suggest a solution for this?



Use Click Text activity and make Selector dynamic to work with different browsers.

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Thanks for the response.
Click Text has a text input as well.But I don’t need to type anything or give any input. So how can I achieve this?

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Do we have the selector for that element between two different browsers so that we can come up with how that can validated

cheers @Anamika15

Actually No. Some sites have “About Us” element and some don’t. But what I want to achieve is to extract information/summary about the particular site from their About us or What we do etc page {Whatever is element is available for that web page}.