How to click on multiple items without knowing the exact value of items

Does anyone know how to click on multiple names in a list on a webpage and for each user click delete. But the number of users can be different and there is no fixed names of the users. I know how to delete a signle user that change the selector in the click activity. You can use the * wild card to identify any name. But how do you do it for any number of users in the web page table?

H @bobby
Are you able to do type into in the list

Ashwin S

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Hi @bobby

First, you can use find children activity to get list that has multiple names.
Second, for each name, and add a click activity and other activity for complete your delete operation.
Finally, edit your click activity’s selector, add a variable in selector text maybe like this,
“name=’” + name + “’/>”

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I am not sure what you mean. Sorry.