How to click on IFRAME Element using UI path

I am trying to automate web application and I have tried all the way to click on iframe element but it is not clicking on that element it is able to highlight that element but not able to click even if sector is validated. Could you please suggest on this?

Hi @nehad

as far as I know iframes don’t support OnClick events. This could be the reason why.

Hi, welcome to the community!
What browser you are trying to use there? Note also that iframes will have a url of its own, if you cant work well with them you can also open the iframe url in its own browser window.

Thanks for reply, so which activity I should use?

Thanks fr your response, I am using Chrome browser.

Thanks for your response, I am using chrome browser and could you please suggest me activity which can be used to identify iframe element?

My suggestion was in the previous comment, if you cant really automate the iframe, open its source url instead:

Thanks for suggestion @bcorrea, will try this way!!!