How to click on first row of column after searching in SAP?

I want to click on the first row of SAP after searching of the following table,

Each time the index row is searched is not equal. So my query is how should I click every time on the top of the SAP row?

Hi @Janjira_Tongdee ,
Please go with the anchor base activity and it will work.

I was also facing the similar kind of issue and it got resolved after using anchor base activity.

UiPath Activities

Anchor Base

UiPath.Core.Activities.AnchorBase A container that searches for a UI element by using other UI elements as anchors. This should be used when a reliable selector is not available. Properties Input AnchorPosition - Specifies to which edge of the…

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Thank you for reply. Can you capture a sample for anchor base ?

What to put on the left side ?

If I don’t know table row, do I have to edit selector ?

@Janjira_Tongdee what are you looking for? what Search is doing? Maybe we can find some logic here

Best regards, Lev

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