How to click on exact date using click activity

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I am designing an activity in which it clicks date in SAP based on the input (I cannot use selector as the element is not recognized by Uipath - Selector takes the whole block of table). Also, I cannot use SAP scripting due to data restriction. The problem with click activity here is, I I have a date input “6”, for instance and in the calendar table also another date, say “16” or “26” exist, it will randomly click the other number than the “6” itself. Is there any better way possible to make it reliable?

This is how the calendar looks like:


And this is how the selector select it: xD


Thanks a bunch for the suggestions! :slight_smile:



Hello Nazarius,

By anychance, is the selected date on the calendar moving if you use tab ?

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for the superfast respond. NO, unfortunately not. When I press tab, the cursor shown another area of selection (not the calendar screen, in any case)

use click OCR text maybe

Yes, if you can’t interact with selector or use keybord activities, I think the only way is to use image clicking automation such as click OCR, maybe try ComputerVision a bit

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@luchovelez: thanks for the suggestion, but using OCR text is even worse! haha, it clicks the totally other date.

This could help. I will try this first, thanks bros!

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And SAP scripting restriction do not allow you to type anything on the text box where you have “06.08.2019” on your screenshot ?

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Unfortunately the whole scripting activity is disabled for this transaction :frowning:

Dear all,

Using click image activity seems to solve the problem.
Thanks for your time!


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