How to click on entries within the calendar open on internet explorer

Hi All , I am hoping if anyone could help me with this problem. First I am trying to read data from a calendar. If a person had opted for a leave on any particular day then there would be a calendar item with text"PTO" on that particular date. I am trying to get the bot to read the calendar and then go click on those calendar entries where PTO has been applied. Then screen with calendar would look as per the screenshot attached

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Were we able to select the date in this calendar as individual element
If so we can use Click text or find text position and pass the text that would appear when PTO is there in the calendar
Or we can click on one such date with PTO and change the attribute having date value with wildcard like *


If we are not able to click as individual element then we can use CLICK IMAGE by just selecting the image that has PTO text alone without date been selected (as of date is selected when the date changes click image won’t be able to search for that image as the date changed)

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

Hello @Ashish_Mehra,
Try using google chrome, and install google chrome extension in studio.

Hope it may help.

Thanks for replying @Palaniyappan , click image does work , but there are some more complications within this stated below:

Objective is to delete all PTO entries in the calendar after a particular termination date, keeping in mind the following:

  1. PTO entries can be on multiple days
  2. PTO entries are to be deleted only after a particular date , for example if our termination date is 5th of august , then only PTO entries after that date need to be deleted , so if an employee has a PTO showing on 4th - it should not be deleted. Further any PTO for future months after the termination date need to be deleted

Click image works , but how do I inculcate the above rules so within the BOT. For multiple PTO entries I could use an element exists as a trigger condition within a do while loop , but not sure how to take care of the date thing.

Thanks again for your help really appreciate it !