How to click on each name of web page

I have to click on each name to perform some actions
I would web scrape the name’s URL link too but when I try to web scrap it does not have any so I need onther logic to be able to click on each name
My data extraction has only the names

Does anyone know how can this work?

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Hi @siteltower ,

You can try with the “Find Children” activity, it has helped me a lot.

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Can you show me first sector from the hyperlink(names), and second one as well please I have an idea


how do I do that?

Please open your UI explorer from the Uipath ribbon and then select the name, it will give you a selector, that’s what we need

And then do it for the second name and show the selector as well

I see no selector though

Thanks I tried that but it keeps clicking on same name instead of clicking on each name

Can I add a counter to the tableRow selector then? would it make sense?

yep, that is the idea, the selector corresponding to the name?

if yes we can replace the value of the table row, and put a counter to make a dinamacly click

Never did before how would that work on uipath?

copy that selector and paste it here as text please so i can help you

it will be similar to this

between the tablerow value your right click and the use variable, select your variable and hit ok
remember to increase your counter variable


Hi @siteltower ,

While we are Inspecting the Selectors, did we also try using the Find Children Activity,

If you do get the UI Elements in this Activity, then it would be just the use of For Each and Click, where we would iterate through each UI Element found and pass the Ui Element as the Element Property for the Click.

As there is no need to save any data, and just to perform the Click on each of the Elements, this should work.

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<webctrl ui5-colLabel=‘Tasks ()’ ui5-tableRow=‘0’ ui5-tooltip=’

Hi there
I did all that and that’s how the process is now
The problem is that it keeps clicking on the same name instead of clicking on each name

remember to put it in a single line like that


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thats how it stays

It should be in the table row attribute not in inner text

Hi @siteltower ,

Check the post below on How to use the variables inside the Selector :

We would need to create a String variable and then use that String variable inside the Selector.

In your case, you would need to have a String variable, say str_name.

Using an Assign Activity before the Click we assign the value to this variable :

str_name = int_nameCounter.ToString

Then in the Selector, we can use the variable as below :

innertext = {{str_name}}
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