How to click on any checkbox in desktop application?


I am automation one desktop application. There is one functionality which requires and chekbox click.

I had used check element and it did not work.
I had also used find element and then click on that it also does not work for me.
One observation, when i try to find element and try to hover on the checkbox first whole list item got selected.

Refer attached screenshot:

I want to check the first checkbox that is 3/7 EMA.

Try using Anchor based click. Find for 3/7 EMA and click on respective checkbox.

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Thanks @Vinutha

I have tried anchor base

But it did not work for me

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is your 3/7 EMA always constant? Do you always want to click the same element ?

For now. Yes, I always want to click that.

Use Find element and indicate ‘3/7 EMA’(find image if selector is not reliable), in the left hand side activity of Anchor Base and checkbox on the right hand side

Have you tried using relative click?

you can also use click text, if just clicking on text will select your check box.

It is working fine using Image click.