How to click on a split menu

Hello dears, I am not able to indicate and click on split menu in order to choose from the menu options. Any idea how to do it ? Thanks in advance!!


Welcome to the UiPath Community!

Can you please give more details on your problem?

  1. Are you trying to click on a menu item that only becomes visible after clicking the ‘Global’ label?
  2. Is the ‘Global’ menu always “collapsed” when the page loads, i.e. none of its children menu items are visible?
  3. What do you mean by “split menu”? Can you please post a screenshot to demonstrate?

Depending on your answers to 1 and 2, you can customise your strategy to deal with the Global menu when the page loads.
In case of always “collapsed” state, simply clicking it to expand should suffice.
In case it remembers the previous state (for example, if you expand it once, it loads in “expanded” state each time) then you might have to use Get Attribute activity to check if the many is “collapsed” or “expanded”.