How to Click on a Number in the Table as Dynamic Selector

Hi all,

I need to click in a number (day) in this table (day table): TCMB - Kurlar

I am getting numbers from an excel but cannot clik the number that i want with dynamic selector.
Is there anyone who knows how to do it?


in general like this:

have a look here:

what ppr said, you can use a variable to assign the selector and replace the number with a variable.

variable = "<html app='chrome.exe' title='TCMB - Kurlar' /><webctrl aaname='"+Number.tostring+"' parentid='dp1598874560623' tag='A' />"

I did exactly that way but still it doesn’t click:


@ppr @Matt_S

remove aaname - the dynamics should only come / injected from the variable kurdate_day to innertext
set for prototyping / developing a default value to this variable

this variable (kurdate_day) is 5 in this example. But it doesn’t click on 5. And i do not understand how to give my variable if i remove aaname? Can you please explain it?

you made the dynamics to the innertext attribute (5)
you would force the selector to have aaname with 6 (hardcoded in your selector)

so this never would work. thats why you will remove the aaname

@ppr i have share table’s web site can you please try this selector on google chrome and send me your selector text? Cause i can not understand and do it : /



Sequence2.xaml (6.4 KB)

analyse the page on:

  • dynamic generated parts for each page load (e.g. parentids)
  • class changes on selected days, not selected days, gray formated dates
  • make the selector general but reliable (here an additional selector tag in the middle was inserted)
    Just do some further rnd on this
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