How to click on a hyperlink from a web page that is correspondent to a text value that matches your excel data?

Hello all,

I have an excel file whose header is like this:
Business Unit | Customer Number | Transaction Number | URC | create date | id | customer name.

I am aware that the challenge is that the same Transaction could have multiple Customer Names (1 to many) and I am looking for a way to handle this.

I am interested that for each row in the excel file to check if the Customer Name matches the Customer Name displayed in the web pop-up (below attached). If there is a match: I want to click the hyperlink of the Transaction on its left.


For ex: if in the excel file Customer Name = ‘Grenke Renting S.A c/o Bom Sucesso’, I want to go through the entire pop-up and chose Transaction Number = ‘1806216’ on the same line with ‘Grenke Renting S.A c/o Bom Sucesso’, NOT on the same line with ‘AVE Bilisim’.

I tried both Screen Scraping and Data Scrapping but it didn’t identify the table correspondingly (it only identified first row of the table in the pop-up).

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @Iulia_Caravasile ,

You can handle it in datascraping. First for the datascraping find the customer name where it gives 2 or more rows of results. Example as you given in your above comment 1806216. While data scarping take the Transaction and Extract URL.

Each time when the data scrap from popup and check for number of rows. If it is >1 then iterate again and match with Customer name.

Hi Iulia,

In order to do that you can scrape the table from the web page and decide which row (as index) matches with what you are looking for.

After you determine the index, you can put the index value in to your selector dynamically, as a variable.

Hope it helps !